Highland Rogue

Scottish Strife Series - Book 5

Highland Rogue

Alisha MacTellnor has looked out for her younger brother ever since their parents passed away. She is successful in keeping him away from harm until one day a Highland mercenary wanders into town. He's tall, dark and dangerous, and possesses all the reasons for them to stay away. Except her brother has become obsessed with joining the war effort, and the only person who might dissuade him is the lethal soldier of fortune.

As Alisha gets to know Donnell MacKelon, she sees that he's a generous and honorable man — not a brutal, profit-driven warrior that she assumes all mercenaries are. He's also kind to her sibling. Then just as her attraction toward the handsome Highlander blossoms, she discovers his hidden agenda. Was she right about him from the beginning? How can she possibly love a man who betrayed her trust and put her brother's life in peril?

Highland Rogue Excerpt…

As if he held some sort of power over her, she found herself swaying forward to touch his scalding lips to hers. His sinewy arms circled around her waist, molding her to his solid frame. At the same time she felt her heart pounding while streaks of energy zipped up and down her body.

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